Newborn Russian Blue kittens. Their silver tipping is present from the moment they are born

What is a pet quality kitten?

The term “Pet Quality” does not imply that the cat is "inferior." Since we have worked years on defining how we breed and the look that we want. Most of the kittens produced are excellent representatives of the breed. We usually choose only one in a litter to be the next show kitten. The siblings simply do not either meet what we are looking for in a show kitten or doesn’t display the show temperament to withstand constant traveling and tolerance of dealing with many cats and people in a show hall. We feel that they will make great pets and be much happier.


A pet is a cat that usually carries all traits (some not as predominate as we would like in a show cat) that you want in a Russian Blue but has been deemed by us as a non-reproducing cat hence a pet (all pets are neuters or spays) will offer lots of love and warmth to its new owner. We are purposeful breeders in keeping all of the expected traits within the breed.


Interested in a Russian Blue because you have heard that they are hypoallergenic? They are not. Read the complete information

Six-week-old Russian Blue kitten

At what age do you sell your kittens? And what do I get?

Kittens are not sold until they are at least 4 months of age; they are altered and have received all their shots. These 4 months provide enough time for them to be completely socialized and recovered from altering. We feel that this is the perfect age for them to be introduced to a new home where they will bond with their new owners. Beware of anyone who would sell you a kitten at a very young age as this does jeopardize both its health and socialibility.


By Florida Law, your kitten/cat will be examined by a State Certified Vet and issued a Florida State Health Certificate. The kitten/cat will have the necessary shots as required by law. This consists of 2 - FVRCP vaccinations, Rabies Shot, Tested negative for FeLV and FIV and stool sample free of any parasites. The kitten/cat will be altered prior to going to a new forever home.

How do I get on the waiting list?
And how long will it take?

Drop us an email at (or connect through the link in the website) tell us a bit about yourself, your household, and your experience with cats, and why you have chosen a Russian Blue to be your next companion. This will start a dialog with us and will probably generate more questions. We eventually like to have an actual conversation with all potential buyers so that both parties can be ensured that they are happy with each other.


We recognize the people's lives change and that often impacts whether they can take a kitten when we have one available. When we have kittens available, the first person on the list has the first pick of pet kittens. Sometimes that time is not always right for them to bring a kitten into their household (due to unexpected financial constraints, moving, a temporary change in lifestyle) or the sex available is not what they would prefer. We have had people wait as long as a year before we had a kitten of any type available, and we have placed kittens with families who did not expect to have a kitten for 4 months or more.


I'd like to get a Russian Blue as a gift for my mother/friend/etc...

We do not like to sell cats as gifts. We must talk to the final owner of the cat to ensure that it is going into a good home and that they understand the responsibility of owning a cat.


If you don't have kittens availalble, can you tell me someone who does?

Check the RBF breeder listing at

Eight-week-old Russian Blue kitten